The all-in-One party planning app

ThereOrSquare (beta) is a party planning app designed to optimize the process of planning social and virtual events using feature-rich collaboration tools – so you can focus on what’s important, hanging out with your friends.

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The party planning app

Why thereorsquare?

ThereOrSquare is an event planning app that offers a set of highly collaborative features for planning parties, social events, trips, etc. With all the tools in one place, and with all your friends helping with the planning process, hosting has never been easier.


Planning Made Easy

Only takes a few clicks to create an event


Highly Collaborative

Share responsibilities of planning with your friends


No Barrier To Use

Accessible on the app stores and web browser

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All-In-One Party Planning App

Collaboration tools to help make party planning a breeze


Ease Of Communication

Email, notifications, and chat keeps your friends up to date

Piggy Bank

Free To Use

Yep! You heard that right. Be sure to tell your friends!

Party Planning TOOLS

There are many moving parts in planning a great party. With the right tools all in one place, hosting has never been easier.

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Task List

Share or assign planning responsibilities

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Potluck List

Collaborate on what everyone is bringing to the party

poll icon


Vote to make decisions together

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Quick Invitation

Events can be shared easily via links

Origins of our Party planning app

Parties and gatherings are fun, but planning them is a pain in the butt.  Chats and emails are messy, and important information can be lost easily within big group chats or email chains. 

We are a group of people who love hanging out with our friends, and will plan something any chance we get. We want a party planning app that not only makes the planning process more organized, but also allows friends to be involved in the planning process.

By incorporating project management techniques, we came up with ThereOrSquare. Planning parties is just like working on projects with many moving parts.  It works best if information are easy to find and all participants are involved every step of the way.

With ThereOrSquare, planning is no longer a burden on the host. With the help of your friends, we believe the process can be just as enjoyable as the event itself.

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Join us in our development process!

You will be notified first of any new beta releases and testing programs. You will be able to work with our dev team to improve and build new features!